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Sports Physicals

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Before your child is ready to play a new sport, they need a physical exam to make sure they’re physically fit. At Med South Primary Care in Stockbridge, Georgia, Ira C. Robinson II, MD, and his team offer comprehensive sports physicals to children and adolescents. To schedule a sports physical for your family, call Med South Primary Care today or book an appointment online.

Sports Physicals Q&A

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a routine exam that determines if you’re physically fit to play a particular sport. This preventive exam allows the Med South Primary Care team to identify potential risks that can affect your child’s ability to play without complications. For example, if your child has asthma, they’ll need an inhaler on hand when playing soccer.

The two parts of a sports physical are the medical history review and the physical exam. Both portions are important for gathering the information the team needs to assess your child’s overall health.

Why is medical history important for a sports physical?

The medical team must get as much information about your child’s family and medical history as possible. This information helps them identify potentially inherited risk factors that can affect your child’s physical health when playing sports.

The athletic team’s coach or manager will usually give your child a form to bring home to be filled out by you and the medical team.

Some of the questions the Med South Primary Care team could ask about your child’s medical history that pertain to their ability to play sports include:

  • Have you ever been hospitalized?
  • Have you ever been seriously injured?
  • Do you ever feel dizzy when playing sports?
  • Do you have allergies?
  • Have you ever experienced chest pain during exercise?
  • Have you ever had a concussion?
  • Do you take any medications or supplements?

After your child answers these questions, the medical team starts the physical portion of the exam, which often includes a vision test.

How does a sports physical differ from an annual physical?

The physical portion of this exam is very similar to an annual physical.

After recording your child’s height, weight, and vitals, the team checks for abnormal lesions or growths. They listen to your child’s lungs and heart and feel their abdomen. This last is to ensure your child’s organs are the right size and placement. They also check your child’s ears, nose, and throat.

During a sports physical, the medical team evaluates your child’s strength, flexibility, and posture. If they determine that your child doesn’t have the physical fitness to play a particular sport, they’ll recommend specific exercises or stretches to improve the child’s strength and/or flexibility.

For a thorough sports physical, call Med South Primary Care today, or schedule an appointment online.