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Med South Primary Care -  - Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician

Med South Primary Care

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, and Physician Assistant located in Stockbridge, GA

Regular health checkups can detect early signs of disease to keep you healthy for a lifetime to come. At Med South Primary Care in Stockbridge, Georgia, Ira C. Robinson II, MD, and his team offer comprehensive physical exams to help maintain your health. Physicals identify potential concerns that can raise your risk of disease and poor health. To schedule an appointment with Med South Primary Care, call the office or book online now.

Physicals Q&A

What are physicals?

A physical is a preventive exam that the Med South Primary Care team conducts to evaluate your overall health. The team recommends scheduling a physical every year to ensure that your health remains on track.

This annual checkup is also the perfect time to talk to the team about any questions or concerns you have regarding your health.

What happens during a physical exam?

Before the physical exam, the team records your height, weight, and vital signs (pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc.) for your medical records. 

Once you meet with your doctor, they ask you several questions about your medical history, lifestyle, diet, physical activity level, and more.

The physical portion begins with a visual exam. The team checks for abnormal growths or markings on your body while you sit down. 

You then lie down on the table. Your doctor feels certain areas of your body, particularly your abdomen, to make sure your size and location of your organs are consistent with your height, weight, age, and health.

To check your heart and lungs, the team uses a listening device called a stethoscope. 

If the team needs further information to assess your health, they’ll order blood work, electrocardiogram (ECG), or urinalysis. You might also need vaccines or booster shots if you aren’t up to date on your immunizations.

How can I prepare for a physical exam?

A physical requires very little preparation, but you can do a few ways to get the most out of your exam. Before you come to the office, make a clear list of medications and dietary supplements you’re taking, especially if the team can’t see them in your records.

It’s also important to prepare questions for your doctor. This exam is about you and your health, so it’s the perfect time to ask the team any questions or convey the concerns that you have.

For efficiency, make sure you wear loose-fitting clothes and little or no jewelry during the exam.

Yearly physical exams help protect your health now and in the future. To schedule a physical with Med South Primary Care, call the office today or book an appointment online.